The Organization of Taman’s Defense

One of the main priorities of modern archaeology is not just a study of specific sites, but the study of them in the context of the natural and historical landscape.

This modifies the requirements for archaeological study: it becomes necessary not only to possess data on the archaeological site or set of sites but for the study to be based on the synthesis of the historical, geographical and archaeological information of the specific territory.

GIS technologies are of great assistance in solving this problem.The application of GIS techniques in archaeology began relatively recently. This method has developed dynamically over the last ten to fifteen years. This article focuses on one of the questions of spatial organization of Taman peninsula defenses from the middle of the 1st century BC to the early 2nd century AD, and in particular, on the analysis of the relationships between fortifications and unfortified settlements.This kind of analysis, to a certain extent, can help to define both the construction of fortifications, and the challenges that the inhabitants were facing. In spite of the fact that the problem of the Taman peninsula defense has been addressed from time to time by a large number of researchers, this specific question has not yet been investigated.

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Author: Galina Trebeleva

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Keywords: Taman, Defences, Fortifications, GIS, Archaeology, Russia


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