Military activities on Rome’s frontier

The evidence of aerial archaeology.


On the occasion of the international conference (the present proceedings representing its publication output) inspired by the bimillenial anniversary of an alleged military campaign of the Romans against the Markomans in AD 6, I have attempted to prepare a brief overview of the way in which the current level of our knowledge of military activities on Rome's frontier has been shaped by aerial archaeology.

The proposed work is an introduction to this area, intended to serve basic orientation in the history and contemporary trends in the field of aerial prospecting and documentation of Rome's frontier. Therefore, it is not a summary of all the projects and publications ever devoted to the subject.

The contribution focuses on three geographical areas – Near East/North Africa, Great Britain and Central Europe (here, greatest attention is paid to the more recent discoveries of archaeologically traceable evidence of Rome's military expansion on the central Danube, or more precisely the territory of former Czechoslovakia). The chapters arranged in this order simultaneously express the time sequence in which the aerial survey of military installations on Limes romanus unfolded.

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Author:  Martin Gojda

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Keywords: Roman,Limes,Fortifications,Aerial Archaeology


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