Koguryo's Influence on Parhae Culture

During the past ten years an extensive archaeological investigation of the Parhae site in the Russian Maritime Region,

including joint excavation efforts with foreign colleagues, gave us new and diverse data on the Parhae culture. Those data permitted a better understanding of the Parhae history, and may also help to elucidate the problem of Koguryo's influence on the Parhae state. Archaeological records have attracted more and more attention, not only of archaeologists but of historians as well. This is a result perhaps of the medieval chronicles invaluable contribution to our understanding of the real role the Koguryo culture played in the Parhae formation and development.

The problem is too complex to be covered here in its entirety, so we will focus on some striking examples of Koguryo manifestations in archaeological materials from Parhae sites in the Russian Maritime Region. We will pay a particular attention to the following aspects of material culture:

The fortifications pecularities, the heating systems in some of the pit dwellings and the wells from the ancient parhae walled towns.

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Authors: E. I. Gelman and V.I. Boldin

Article and Image Source: http://english.historyfoundation.or.kr

Keywords: Koguryo, Parhae, Archaeology, Fortifications, Russia



E. I. Gelman and V.I. Boldin

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