Heraklion - Chania

Old map of Chania

A study of the evolution of its spatial and functional patterns

This thesis is a comparable approach to the evolution of spatial and functiona lpatterns of two Cretan cities: Heraklion and Chania. The starting point of thisresearch is the different functional patterns of their contemporary old historical cores. This thesis aims at investigating the reasons that led to this difference.

The research is based on the conjecture that it is the morphology of their grid that differs and this aspect is reflected on their different functional pattern. The analytical method employed is "space syntax". Through this spatio-analytical method the research investigates the spatial organisation of these two Cretancities in their stages of development and the evolution of their functional patterns.

The study is based on the concept of "live centrality" as a spatio-functional process, which every urban system reinforces. In the light of this theoretical framework and through its analytical methodology this thesis explores therelation between the spatial and functional patterns of both cities.

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Keywords: Heraklion,Chania,Crete,Urbanism,Fortifications,Architecture



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