Fortified Military Camps in Attica

This study of military camps in Attica was presented in slightly different form as a doctoral thesis to the Department of Classics of Harvard University

and was accepted for the degree in Classical Archaeology in February 1963. It grew directly from the writer's concern with the excavation and publication of Koroni. Before the Koroni excavation few camps, including Koroni itself, had been recognized as camps, and positive, detailed information about such sites was entirely lacking.

Once the evidence from Koroni was available, however, the similarity of this site to a number of other Attic sites became apparent, and the desirability of studying them as a group became evident.

The preliminary task of collecting evidence was a long one; for few of the sites had been published, and fewer still properly published. Since the sites are of little artistic interest, they have not enjoyed the generally watchful care of the Greek Antiquities Service, so that some sites have already suffered severe damage from quarrying, new building, and vandalism, while others are in imminent danger. The writer has tried, through descriptions, plans, and photographs, to record pertinent features of every site, but the result, unaided as it was by the essential work of excavation, is far from final. With no immediate prospect of excavation, however, it was thought useful to present what facts could now be collected.

The reader should, then, bear in mind that many, perhaps most, of the conclusions here presented must be tentative, and their confirmation or modification will depend on further evidence.

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