Fort San Salvatore and German POWs

A very interesting article in German, entitled 'In maltesischer Gefangenschaft' (In Maltese Captivity),

highlighting the history of German Prisoners of War Camps in the Malta during the First World war. The article shows unique pictures of the both Fort San Salvatore and St Clement's retrenchment around 1916, both of which served as the prisoner of war camps.

The first pictures show the ditch and parade ground of Fort San Salvatore, one of the large bastions on the massive 8-km long Cottonera enceinte (begun in 1670) and converted into a retrenched fort in 1724 by French military engineers. Two of the pictures show German POW exercising in the ditch of Fort San Savaltore with the embasured flanks of the casemated demi-bastions forming the backdrop. The second set of pictures towards the end of the article shows the POW encampment on the esplanade of St Clement Retrenchment, a large work of fortification built by the British military towards the middle of the nineteenth century to divide the area within the Cottonera enceinte into two more defensible halves. St Clement Retrenchment is presently occupied by a large public school and its sport facilities.

Article Here

Image Source: http://www.fregatte-emden.de

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