Byzantine Fortresses in the Empire of Trebizond

The Empire of Trebizond stretched for hundred of miles along the coast of the Black Sea and it included several ports

which were founded by the first settlers who explored this sea. A series of little fortresses protected these ports from pirate raids and most often from threats coming from the Anatolian tablelands. The fortresses are usually of a rather small size, sometimes more a fortified watching post than a location which could resist an assault and host a large garrison.


The little port of Unye is linked by a road to the town of Niksar (Neocesarea) in the tableland. To protect Unye from threats coming from that road a little fortress was built to early detect and possibly stop the enemy.

The fortress is located at the top of an isolated rock at the center of a valley. The ruins, the thick vegetation, the opening of an ancient Roman tomb all contribute to create a very "gothic" atmosphere of mystery. Tombs of this kind are very common in Lycia from Kaunos to Myra.

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