British Army WW1 Trench Maps

The map shown here is a section of a British Army Trench Map of the area east of Ypres on the Ypres Salient battlefields in Belgium.

The scale is 1:10,000. The title of this map is Map Sheet 28 NW4. The date for trenches overprinted onto this map is given as "information received up to 13th July 1918".

This map is of particular interest because it overprints the British trenches in red ink and the German trench lines in blue ink; this map was overprinted shortly after the British map makers had swapped the colours of blue and red from maps printed before early 1918 which had always shown the German enemy lines in red and the British line in blue. Another point of interest for this map is that it shows the German trenches extending as far west as Hellfire Corner on the Menin Road. This is the junction of roads seen in the centre of the map. After launching the Spring Offensive in March 1918 the Imperial German Army advanced westwards towards Ypres, crossing several miles of ground before they were halted within a couple of miles of the town. At this time of July 1918 the Allies were preparing to launch a major offensive against the German Army, which would push them eastwards again away from Ypres and which would eventually lead to the Allied Advance to Victory and the end of the war in November 1918.

British Army Trench Maps are an invaluable resource for researchers studying the First World War battlefields.

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Article and Image Source: http://www.greatwar.co.uk

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