Ancient fortification in Sudan

This short note is to report and illustrate the discovery of an ancient fortress during a geological survey in Northern Sudan in March 2006.

The Quick Bird satellite image clearly shows the position and extent of the installations which were erected at three hills (Fig. 1).The site is not mentioned in the pertinent literature (e.g. Crawford,1961; Hinkel, 1979; Welsby,2005) and may therefore be considered as sientifically unknown. In lack of a local name and to compliment our Sudanese colleague, geologist Dr. M. Abdel Rahman El Sheikh of the Geological Research Authority of Sudan (GRAS), and his pioneering workin the central Wadi Howar region,the fortress has been labelled «Gala El Sheikh».

No geographical coordinates are given here in an attempt to preserve this extraordinary site. Inspite of the good intentions of most visitors, since the availability of ;satellite positioning devices (GPS) off-road tourism is causing increasing damage to the cultural and natural heritage of desert landscapes.

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Author: Stefan KRÖPELIN

Article and Image Source: www.uni-koeln.de


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