The Contribution of François de Mondion

In the Architectural Development of 18th Century Malta.

 The name of François de Mondion is first mentioned in a letter sent by King Louis XIV of France to Grandmaster Fra Ramon Perellos dated 26th January 1715. Mondion'squalifications and background are explained in further correspondence exchanged between the French Minister of War Monsieur Le Pelletier de Souzy and the Grandmaster.


In this second letter Mondion is introduced as a talented military engineer born in Paris who had studied his profession under the guidance of Sebastien Le Pestre de Vauban, Marshal of France. It would seem that François de Mondion first came to Malta as a deputy engineer inthe Tigne mission of 1715 which had as its official objective the updating of the defences of Malta following the threat of a Turkish invasion.

As things turned out, Mondion managed in an admirably diplomatic fashion, to extricate himself from the Tigne mission and to obtain permanent residence in Malta as a 'Cavaliere di Grazia' in the French Langue of the Order.As 'Commissario dell'Opere della Sacra Religione,' his great opportunity came in 1722 when an admirer of his, Fra Manoel de Vilhena, was elected to the Magistracy of the Order. In this respect the translated version of a letter signed by the Order's ambassador in Paris, Bailly des Mesmes, is significant:

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Author: Denis De Lucca

Article Source: melitensia.250free.com

Image: Plan of Fort Manoel - militaryarchitecture.com

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