Michelangelo's projects for the fortification of Florence

The Casa Buonarroti in Florence preserves a series of ground plans executed by Michelangelo for several fortifications of Florence in I529.

These drawings, done in penand bistre, are for the most part unpublished and perhaps have not, upto the present time, attracted sufficient attention from scholars. The authors of general works on the artist have treated only biographical facts, and have sought to give some psychological explanationfor the sudden flight of Michelangelo from Florence during the siege of  I529.

In monographs devoted to Michelangelo as architect, the activity of the artist as an architect of fortifications has been completely ignored. No special study dedicated to this series of drawings has yet appeared. These folios are, however, of considerable importance, both from the point of view of the development of the architectural genius of the artist, of which they are a characteristic manifestation, and from the point of view of the history of fortifications in general, in which they mark a turning point.

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