Rediscovering the Baroque Legacy

A series of eleven short evening courses designed to introduce participants to the wealth of the Baroque heritage of mankind and its conservation.

Organised by the International Institute for Baroque Studies University of Malta in collaboration with Malta University Holding Company Ltd.

List of Courses and Dates:

The Art of War in the Baroque Age: Cannon, Fortification and Military Engineering Practice in Malta, 1530-1798

21st to 26th March 2011


The Art and Science of Fortress Building in Baroque Malta

25th to 30th April 2011


The French Connection: French military engineers in Baroque Malta

9th to 14th May 2011


The Hospitaller War Machine in the Baroque Age

23rd to 28th May 2011


Warfare scenarios in Baroque Art

3rd to 11th June 2011


Baroque Palaces, Churches and Gardens

10th to 15th October 2011


The documentation of Baroque buildings and monument

17th to 21st October 2011


Exploring the stone fabric of Baroque buildings

28th to 5th November


Jesuits, Geometry, and Fortifications in the Baroque age

14th to 19th November 2011


The conservation of the Baroque Architecture of the Maltese Islands

28th November to 3rd December 2011


The use of lime mortars in Baroque buildings

6th to 10th December 2011


Further details on every course can be found at the International Institute for Baroque Studies.






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