Great Siege Exhibition

Readers of may be interested to know of a fascinating exhibition currently being held at the National Library of Malta,

in Valletta entitled 'Obsidio Melitae: the 1565 event in National Library holdings'. This exhibition explores the theme of the Great Siege through the holdings conserved in the collections of the National Library. Among the items on display are the Matteo Perez d'Aleccio's original prints depicting the main episodes of the Great Siege, letters sent by various European sovereigns to Grand Master Jean de Valette congratulating the Order for its successful resistance to the Ottoman attack, as well as published contemporary accounts of the siege, such as the Francesco Balbi da Correggio's day-to-day diary.

This exhibition, which is organized by the National Library of Malta, will be open until 15th August 2015. Visiting hours, from Monday to Saturday, are between 08:00 hrs and 13:00 hrs. Admission to the Library (and exhibition) is free of charge but requires the presentation of an ID Card or passport.



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