Encyclopaedia of Hospitaller Military Architecture

MilitaryArchitecture.com is working to issue its online publications on the fortifications and military architecture of the Hospitaller Knights of the Order of St. John,

written and produced by Dr. Stephen C. Spiteri Ph.D over the past number of years, and hitherto published in ARX Occasional Papers, as separate volumes in a NEW series dedicated specifically to Hospitaller Military Architecture.


Entitled ‘Encyclopaedia of Hospitaller Military Architecture’, this new series is intended to create a multi-volume compendium of detailed studies devoted entirely to all aspects of the fortifications and defensive architecture established by the Knights of the Order of St. John (also known as Hospitallers) in the Holy Land and the Latin East, Rhodes and the Dodecanese, Tripoli, and the Maltese islands. This series will also include specific volumes on various themes related to fortress-building techniques, military engineers, and Hospitaller military organization.

This new series of publications is a continuation and an approfondimento of the author’s earlier work entitled Fortresses of the Cross, first published in Malta twenty years ago in 1994, which study examined the Hospitaller contribution to the art and science of military architecture in all the different theatres of war where the Order of St John had established its Convent and headquarters. Fortresses of the Cross, and its abridged second edition (Fortresses of the Knights – Malta, 2001), both of which are now out of print, sought to bring together in one single publication, for the first time, all the major castles, forts and fortresses, towers, batteries, redoubts, and entrenchments which had been built, or occupied, by the Knights of St John in defence of their territorial possessions throughout their 600 years of history as a military organization dedicated to protecting the frontiers of Christendom.

To date, the new series consists of the following volumes: The Bastioned Towers (1605-1647), Fort Manoel (1723), Fort Tigné (1792), and Polveriste (Gunpowder Magazines 1530-1798).  Four other volumes devoted to The Fougasse (1715-1798), The Coastal Batteries (1700-1798), Hospitaller Armouries, and The Fortifications of the Great Siege (1530-1565), are currently being finalized for publication (see below).

This series will be available only directly from this website. It will also be available on CD-ROM in PDF format.

Further details and information on these publications will be made available on this website in due course.

MiltaryArchitecture.com is also working to re-launch the ARX Online Magazine on Military Architecture and Fortification, last issued in 2011 (Vol.8) and is currently establishing an editorial board to prepare the first issue envisaged to be made available online later this year. More details about this magazine will be announced on this website in due course.




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