7000 year old fortified settlement found in Bulgaria

A settlement dating back about 7000 years has been discovered by a hill near the village of Ivanovo, in Shoumen municipality,

in eastern Bulgaria, Bulgarian National Television (BNT) reported on July 26 2010.

The settlement, 900 sq m in area, lies between two rivers on the south face of the hill. In spite of its natural defences, the settlement was fortified with a defensive wall of "unusual shape", BNT said.

"The shape of the fortification was not circular or oval-like, which was typical for the time but an irregular pattern resembling an octagon," archaeologist Svetlana Venelinova said in a television interview for BNT.

Additionally, the entire settlement was encircled by a moat outside the fortification.

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Article Source: www.sofiaecho.com

Image Source: The Bulgarian city of Shoumen - flickr.com








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