ARX Occasional Papers 5 - On the Study of Military Architecture

Arx 5 - On the Study of Military Architecture

The significance of military architecture, why it deserves to be studied and how.

MilitaryArchitecture.com has issued the latest volume in its series of ARX Occasional Papers (Issue 5 /2015). This new issue is entitled 'On the Study of Military Architecure (Part I)' and is dedicated to a discussion of the essence and definition of the art of military architecture, why it deserves to be studied in today's world, and how.

This annotated and illustrated paper, written by Dr. Stephen C. Spiteri Ph.D., sets out to take a new look at the subject and examine the various approaches, perspectives and interpretations that have influenced its study over the centuries. In particular, the author sets out to draw attention to the differences he sees between the approaches and concerns that have influenced and directed historians in their study of 'fortification' in general, which have traditionally focused on the art of defending a place, as opposed to those who have sought to examine the subject for its 'architectural' significance, that is, as the study of the art (and later science) of designing and building fortifications. Although both overlap and deal with the same subject of defence, each goes off in search of different types of information.

The paper also looks at how the significance and importance of military architecture have served to transcend its martial roles and boundaries to exert a great influence on landscape, urbanism, and aesthetics.

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