St. Julian's Fort in Cartagena

Historical and architecural study of a late bastioned fort.

The work presented in this article includes part of the author's thesis and, to a certain extent, completes the whole of the preceding research undertaken in Cartagena in the framework of the research grant awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and related to outer bastioned fortresses of Cartagena Bay, under the guidance of Professor Juan Francisco Noguera Jiménez.

Among the group of the outer fortresses at Cartagena Bay, the one popularly called "Saint Julian's Castle " stands out, a strange fort which rises up on the eastern side of the city, in a similar state of neglect, but turned into a simple plot for a forest of communication antennae which are anchored to its stonework, and whose uncertain future is under debate in ongoing negotiations between its current owners, Telefónica, a Spanish Telephone Company, and the Public Administration, especially the Cartagena City Council, which hopes to restore it for the city.

While these debates go on, this solid construction awaits; visited only by those passers-by ready to enjoy the magnificent panoramic views of the bay which can be enjoyed from its slopes.

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Author: Guillermo Guimaraens Igual

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Keywords: 'bastioned fortresses', 'tenailled fortresses', 'perpendicular fortresses', Cartagena, 'Saint Julian fort', heritage, 'military history','Military Architecture',Spain



Guillermo Guimaraens Igual

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