Sant’Andrea and Carpenedo

Fort Carpenedo  and Fort  S. Andrea can be considered as a kind of summary of what was the Venetian fortified system during the centuries.

In fact, since Serenissima’s age, until the First World War, fortifications had been thought and built to create a defensive belt around Venice. All this fortified system, placed as a ring around the city, was the real “Maritime Defensive Square of Venice”: almost 70 fortresses (some defences by the sea along shores, some forts on the lagoon and the front by the mainland with the “Entrenched Camp of Mestre”) turned Venice in one of the most protected city around the entire Adriatic Sea.

Placed almost on the opposite sides of the defensive square, S. Andrew’s Fort and Carpenedo Fort belonged to front by the sea (the first one) and to the front by the land (the last one).

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