Sant' Alessio Castle

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Sant'Alessio Castle, locally known as Castello di Sant'Alessio, lies next to the town of Sant'Alessio Siculo,


in the Messina province on the island of Sicily in Italy.



When the first fortification at this site was built is unknown. The cape on which the castle is built however is a very strategic point, controlling the road connecting Taormina with Messina below it and overlooking the Ionian Sea. It is most likely that there was a fortification here during the Arab rule of Sicily.


Sant'Alessio Castle was first mentioned in 1117, when it was part of a large donation of land to a monastery, by the Norman King Roger II of Sicily. During Norman rule of Sicily, when building of the present castle started, Sant'Alessio Castle formed a defensive system together with Forza d'Agrò Castle higher up on the mountain.


Sant'Alessio Castle consists of two fortifications on two separate rocks connected by a narrow ridge.

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