Nanjing's Ancient City Wall

Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province and ten dynasties in the history, is located on the southern bank of the Yantze River,

the longest river in China, and 300 kilometers away from the river mouth to the East China Sea. Surrounding the city is a 33.7km-long ancient city wall. With a height and top width ranging from 14 meters to 21 meters, it was the longest preserved in the world. As a huge ancient project and the pride of Nanjing's people, the wall began to be built in 1366 and completed in 1386.


The wall is the most telling witness of the history and the crystallization of science, technology, military, architecture and art.

The city as one of the special products of Chinese culture occupied an important position in the development of Chinese culture. The city wall was a military defensive project to defend the city. Most were built of bricks, stone and earth.

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