Magliano Town Walls

The strategic importance of Magliano, so close to the sea and the inland of Mount Amiata and Pitigliano, has never been doubted.

Today the surrounding walls of Magliano in Toscana are one of the most interesting and complete medieval urban fortifications of Tuscany, not only for their scenic effects but also for the excellent example of military architecture that they represent. On the hill where the village stand, there was once a castle, mentioned for the first time in 1097 and included in all of the acts of division of the territories of the Aldobrandeschi, counts of Santa Fiora and lords of the area.

In 1326 Magiano was occupied by the King of Naples and conceded to Carlo, Duke of Calabria and head of the imperial forces, to the Counts Pannocchieschi, but only after a year thanks to the intervention of Ludovico il Bavaro, it was given back to the Counts of Santa Fiora. Before abandoning the castle the Pannocchieschi burned it down.

In 1358 the castle was perpetually leased to the Republic of Siena that in turn conceded it to the Lords at Spinello di Spinello Tolomei. The Sienese immediately started restoring the Keep, which no longer exists today, and in the twenty years following, with the aid of specialized craftsmen, reinforced the surrounding walls. Additions and improvements were carried out during the early 15th century.

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