Litomyšl Castle

The castle is a historical work of architecture whose global impressiveness is extraordinary.

This introductory assessment is based especially on town-planning aspects. The castle,which has an elevated location on the site of a former fortified settlement, is a first-class dominating point of the whole town. The town itself is one of the leading representatives of municipal conservation areas in the Czech Republic.

Together with a set of Piarist buildings, including the high-baroque Church of the Discovery of the Holy Rood, which is of European importance, and with a provost's (originally Augustinian) Gothic Church of the Elevation ofthe Holy Cross, rebuilt in Renaissance style, the castle constitutes highly attractive premises of extraordinary town-planning and architectural value just above the roofs of the historical core of the town.

The castle is an example of high-Renaissance architecture and is part of the group of Bohemian and Moravian arcade-castles, which form a very remarkable connection in Czech architecture, directly linking onto Italian examples, except that this Czech architecture is more dynamic and monumental. 

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