The modern town of Koroni was founded in the 9th century on the site of the ancient city of Assine.

The remains of the classical temple to Apollo can still be seen on the highest point of the headland, the ruins intermingled with an early Christian basilica and a small Byzantine Church. In 1205 the town was captured by the Franks but they in their turn were expelled by the Venetians in 1207 who set about strengthening the walls. The town together with Methoni became a vital link in the chain of defended harbours which sustained Venetian trading and commerce.


Following the capture Methoni in 1500 and the subsequent massacre of its defenders, the local population were unwilling to mount a defence and abandoned the town. In 1532 the Genoese admiral Andrea Doria assaulted the town at the behest of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V but was only able to hold it for 2 years before it was retaken by Turkish forces.


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