Kopor'ye Fortress

The surprisingly well preserved ruin of Kopor'ye is located near the Baltic Coast between St. Petersburg and Narva.

The photographs shown here were taken during historical tours to Russia in summer of 1992 and 1993 and during a reconnaissance visit in December 1991. Kopor'ye is 23 km off the St. Petersburg -Narva highway and open for visits. The defensive ensemble of Kopor'ye, located near the village of the same name, is in the Lomonosov Region, and is one of the most well-preserved monuments of medieval fortifications in Russia. At one time, this monument was situated on the shore of the Bay of Finland, but since then the water has receded 10-12 km from the walls, but it is visible from passing vessels from a distance of 25 nautical miles. Now the great ruin, having been in the thick of historical events in the distant past, stands on a high cliff, encircled by a ravine. Along the bottom of the ravine runs a fast brook, Koporka, which blocks the path of foreign invaders who stormed the north-west outpost of Veliki Novgorod repeatedly. A Google search will reveal a few links to Kopor'ye. For instance a section of Kaufman's fine book on the fortresses of eastern Europe. And here a mention of the fortress in article on Alexander Nevski There are some photos at - www.VirtualTourist.com

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Author: John Sloan

Article Source: www.xenophon-mil.org

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