Forts and Castles of Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is situated in the extremesoutheast corner of the Arabian Peninsular

and sharesborders with the United Arab Emirates in the north, theKingdom of Saudi Arabia to the west and the Republic ofYemen to the southwest. The country's 3,165 kilometrecoastline overlooks the strategic Strait of Hormuz and the entrance to the Gulf in the north and runs from the Sea of Oman to the Arabian Sea and finally, to the Indian Ocean in the far southwest.

Situated astride the Tropic of Cancer,Oman dominates some of the oldest and most important sea trading routes in the world. With an area of 309,500 square kilometres, it is also criss-crossed by the ancient north-south and east-west overland Arabian trade routes. Endowed with a natural beauty unparalleled in the Gulf region, the Sultanate boasts a striking diversity of landscapes, ranging from the lush, fertile plains of southernmost Dhofar to the arid dunes of the EasternSands.

Sweeping in a long arc from northwest to southeast, the rugged Hajar mountain range rises to a height of 3,000 metres, effectively separating the northern coastal plain –Oman's most populous region – from the interior of the country Outside the larger cities, the landscape is dominated by smaller towns and villages, often guarded by an ancient watchtower, surrounded by groves of date palms, irrigated by manmade water channels, aflaj. The other major population centre, in the south around Salalah where coconuts and bananas flourish, is very different. This area borders the Indian Ocean and is open to the monsoon from late June to October.

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