Dirleton Castle

Today, some twenty miles east of Edinburgh, the ruined yellow clustered towers of Dirleton castle high on its rocky knoll overlooking the Victorian Bowling Green and Herbaceous gardens strikes an imposing sight.

 However, the present gardens (arts and crafts north garden and formal west garden) give a false peaceful impression as to the castle's original war-like strength. In ancient times this whole area was marsh land and the castle's rocky knoll itself was surrounded by a deep fresh water ditch, shielded by a wooden palisade which extended east to protect the castle-town village, as well as two drawbridges, one postern foot bridge facing east to the village and one large bridge for horse, cattle and wagon access facing south.


Not forgetting the castle itself which contained five round towers, three being D-shaped in plan and two Donjon type with a further two square plan towers all connected by a battlement wall hugging the rock knoll giving the confused plan we see today.

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Author: Andrew Spratt

Article and Image Source: www.maybole.org

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