Caerlaverock Castle

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Caerlaverock is one of the finest examples that you will find still standing of a 13th century medieval fortress.

The castle is on a coastal loop of the B725 highway, 5 miles West of Ruthwell, less than a half hours drive South of Dumfries. It is a triangular design, unique to Britain. The moated fortress has solid sandstone masonry and an imposing double tower gatehouse.

Caerlaverock, along with Lochmaben Castle and Threave Castle, were the main defenses along the Scotland England border and, therefore, historical points in the ongoing Border Wars. In about 1220, Alexander II of Scotland granted the lands of Caerlaverock to a new-comer from the Eastern Borders - Sir John de Maccuswell (Maxwell). The Maxwells built one castle which was prone to flooding, so around 1270, they built the present castle, where they lived until 1640. From the road above the castle, visitors can see the Solway Firth lying between Scotland and England. This proximity to England caused much blood to be shed over the castle. For 400 years the castle was frequently attacked, ravaged and repaired. Amazingly, the Maxwell family managed to stay in possession, despite the castle being twice described as "levelled to the ground". Eventually in 1640, after being besieged for over 3 months, it was conquered for the last time and again partly dismantled.

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