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Absorbed into France in the early 1600s, Belfort, lies in a gap between the Vosges and Jura Mountains,

making it a natural invasion route into France. In 1678s, Vauban was set to work improving the town's fortifications. Construction was complete in 1703. Jura sandstone was used, which was locally available and thought to harden when exposed to the air. Improvements were made in the fortifications in the early 1800s by General Haxo.


Belfort is well worth a visit. The citadel, on the lower portion of the map, is on bluffs overlooking the city. Vauban designed a hornwork in front of the citadel, but it was replaced in the early 1800s by Haxo's design. In the lower part of town, Vauban used his tower bastion design with a detached bastion, or counterguard, in front of it. Neuf-Brisach, just a short drive away, is the best known for this design.

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Author: John Hamill

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