Auchen Castle

Auchencass or Auchen Castle is situated 1 3/4 miles (2.8km) SW of Moffat, W of the railway, on a marshy plateau,

at an altitude of 500 ft (152m) above sea level, overlooking the valley of the River Annan to the E and a deep-wooded ravine formed by the Garpol Burn to the S.

In its entirety the castle, with its elaborate system of outworks, must have presented an imposing appearance, and would be well-nigh impregnable in days before artillery was in use. It is built on a late 13th-century plan and comprises, within a great ditch and embankment, a quadrilateral enceinte, which measures some 50 yards (45.7m) either way and is surrounded by a wall 15 to 20 ft (4.5 to 6.1m) thick with cylindrical flanking towers projecting from the four angles.


The approach is from the N, crossing an outer ditch and the embankment, whence access to the enceinte would probably be gained by a drawbridge over the inner ditch leading to a forework at the W end of the N wall. The interior arrangement of the courtyard can only be determined by excavation. A walk 5 to 9 ft (1.5 to 2.7m) broad runs along the interior of the curtain wall at a height of some 5 ft (1.5m) from the courtyard level. From this walk a stair in the E wall probably led to a parapet walk round the walls. Under the stair is a chamber in the thickness of the wall, 9 ft 3 ins (2.8m) by 4 ft 1 1/2 ins (1.3m), with a recess, probably for a lantern, formed in the E wall. In the floor is a pit draining to the ditch.

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