Lussonium Paks

Best practice of a Roman Park in Hungary.

Archaeological excavations of the Roman military fort called Lussonium at the Bottyán-rampart, located in Paks-Dunakömlőd, were started in 1969. The excavation was led by Dr. Zsolt Visy, expert of the University of Pécs, Department of Ancient History and coordinator of the university's professional programme.

At the site of digging a part of the fort wall was uncovered, along with the place of the northern gate-tower, the foundation of a large heated room behind the northern walls, its later expansions and two grain storage pits from the Roman Age. The excavated material is stored in the Town Museum of Paks, with the more interesting pieces presented in the permanent exhibition. The improvement and further exploration of the archaeological field is required by both the owner-maintainer Town Municipality of Paks and national supervisory institutions. In order to meet these requirements, the Town of Paks has successfully submitted a tender in 2009, together with 6 project partners from 4countries.

The main aim of the study is to present the activities done by the Town Municipality of Paks, a project partner in the programme titled Nomination of the Central European part of the Roman Danube Limes within the international UNESCO World HeritageFramework "Frontiers of the Roman Empire"

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