Battery Brooke

Ground Penetrating Radar Survey.

This report presents the findings of a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey on four portions of Battery Brooke, a Confederate artillery emplacement on the James River in Chesterfield County,Virginia (Figure 1). This research was a demonstration project by the LAMAR Institute to explore the potential for applying this technology to Civil War fortifications in a heavily wooded environment in Virginia.

The work was done in conjunction with a metal detector survey of a large property tract that is currently being examined for potential industrial development. The metal detector survey was conducted by Cypress Cultural Consultants, LLC for TRC, Inc. Only minor portions of the fortifications were surveyed using the GPR equipment.

The results indicate that this technology is useful for mapping subsurface features and deposits on military earthworks. The information generated by GPR survey should aid intargeting important components on these types of sites, which would greatly reduce the amount of archaeological excavation required to locate these components.

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Author: Daniel T. Elliott

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Keywords: Battery, Brooke, Radar, Survey, Archaeology, Virginia, Civil War


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