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Building Technology and the Royal Engineers in Canada.

The research for this study of building technology and the Royal Engineers in the 19th century was undertaken to assist restoration and interpretation of military sites and buildings under the custody of the Canadian Parks Service.

But its use is not limited to the work of this organization. One of the articles of the World Heritage Convention, to which Canada is a signatory, stresses the dissemination of scientific and technical studies and research which will assist in the preservation of the nation's cultural or natural heritage. This particular study is of value to those interested in heritage preservation around the world and in Canadian architectural history.

The Royal Engineers were responsible for military construction everywhere British troops were stationed and designs and methods used in one locale frequently were made use of in many others. The building materials discussed are those used in civilian as well as military construction and an understanding of their use by the Royal Engineers on this continent in the 19th century will be valuable to anyone interested in construction in this period.

In order to answer several major questions regarding historic building materials and construction techniques essential to accurate restorationwork in the National Historic Parks and Sites system, cross-site studies of particular construction techniques and uses of materials were undertaken.These detailed individual studies were combined to produce ageneral examination of the work of the Royal Engineers in British North America in the 19th century.

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Author: Elizabeth Vincent

Article and Image Source: http://www.sha.org/

Keywords: Military Architecture,Royal Engineers,Canada


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