Oziark Medieval Fortress

In the heart of the United States, between Springfield, MO, and Little Rock, AR, a dazzling historic vision is rising

in the middle of the Ozark Mountains. A team of architectural experts, working together with historians and artisans, is raising a genuine, full-sized, fortified castle, with towers ranging from 40 to 70 ft in height, a drawbridge, and 6 foot wide stone walls surrounding an expansive inner courtyard.

Artisans using tools, techniques, and rules from 700 years ago, recreate the Middle Ages in Europe in a green environment: no electricity, no engines, just bare hands and the natural resources of the site.

The creation is the brainchild of Michel Guyot who launched a similar project in France, 13 years ago.

In front of visitors, authentically dressed masons, carpenters and stone carvers, will work all year round for twenty years, the time required to build a fortress 700 years ago.

Imagine a place where you hear the clang of hammers on chisels as stones are being carved, and the snorting cart-horses pulling heavy stones on creaking wooden wagons. Blacksmith, rope makers, woodcutters will work right in front of you as they practise medieval techniques of construction.

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