Fortified Tower Houses of Northern Spain

Fortified Tower House in Spain

The area of the Spanish mainland bordering the Atlantic Ocean that today is known as Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country, was little influenced by Islamic occupation and culture in the Middle Ages.

The culture of the Visigothic era persisted and developed in this independent and strongly Christian territory. That is not to say the region did not suffer from local power struggles and warfare between lords and landowners because it most certainly did.

Generally speaking though, the major landholdings and territories were established and disputed farther south and this is where the significant castles and estates were situated.

The area under discussion here, in the northernmost part of Spain, was comprised of smaller territorial areas that would become somewhat unified within the kingdoms of Asturias and Navarre and eventually Castile. However, the local aristocracy and their relatively modest estates would persist.

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